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5437 California Ave SW Ste A, Seattle, WA, 98136
Our Booking PolicyMasks are optional; I am happy to wear a mask for your safety and comfort. All bottles and showroom surfaces are sanitized before and after your appointment.
Please note this is not a space suitable for children. Licensed service animals only.


Perfume Tutelage


Perfume Tutelage

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$300



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. Duration:1 hr··. Price:Free


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Discover the perfect fragrance to elevate your everyday moments or find thoughtful gifts for loved ones. At Filigree & Shadow, we craft experiences through scent, inviting you to explore, smell, and shop with all your senses.

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7 reviews
  • Megan·

    James was more than welcoming and his perfumes are works of art. Mentioning my recent dabbling into the world of scent, he was so generous with this time and knowledge. Not only did I experience an inspiring and passionate human, he is very skilled! His scent, A WAY TO SAY GOODBYE, of his mothers purse is so creative, I hope you get to smell this one day. It’s a memorial to mothers that will bring on a flood of one’s own memories. As the influence of GusGus is a call to my younger self, I left with the perfectly simple scent OH(EDIT). (Simple is a compliment here, its uplifting, not boring.) Listening to the Attention album on my drive home thinking about all that was said, I was eager to make my notes tangible (along with a list of James’ perfumes to revisit). I highly recommend making an appointment with James. It was a great education to the perfume world. There are a few perfumers in the Seattle area. Get in on this fun!

  • Heather·

    James helped me find my perfect perfume match. The space is beautiful and well lit. James is very patient and personable, all my questions were answered thoroughly! I recommend this little shop

  • Michael G·

    James was so welcoming and friendly. You can really see how much he loves his art. It was great having the time to sample his fragrances (and others he has collected from around the world) and having him there to answer any questions. Great fragrances and a great experience, thanks!

  • MikeVF·

    James is amazing! He spent an hour sharing his extensive expertise exploring scents tailored to my preferences. We sampled fragrances he made as well as many samples in his collection from all over the world. At the end of the session, James provided me with the name and supplier of all the scents I liked, even if he didn't carry them. James should change his business model as I'd have gladly paid for an hour of his time consulting. Truely top shelf.

  • isha·

    I had so much fun and learned so much from James. He was really great at letting you explore his collection at your own place, while making sure to check on you often and giving you other interesting scents to smell. I learned a lot and his perfumes are very high quality and cover a range of notes. Even for scents that didn't jive with me personally, I really appreciated the artistry behind each. This was a great experience and I highly recommend it!

  • Marisa·

    I can’t even begin to tell you what it meant to have James give me context about his fragrances. I learned so much and he is clearly so committed to his craft. It was exactly how I wanted to spend a few hours. Just talking and learning about his process and in general, the world of perfumers. I will absolutely be back the next time I’m in Seattle. Thank you so much, James! I was beaming the rest of the day.

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